3 weeks down and Flowers for a Random Stranger

My Thursday Rant in the midst of madness: The stress level this week has been ridiculous! I’ve gone from tired, to aggravated, to upset, to angry, and now I feel just hopeless. I feel like I’m such a failure for being so stressed out. It’s only been 3 weeks, and I’ve got way too many more to […]

2 weeks down and my son is a Dentist!

I’m finally starting to really miss my husband. I’ve cried a little bit more than usual at night, and it sucks. I think it’s a combination of being so busy, the boys fighting, and the crappy weather. Chandler usually wrestles with the boys while I cook dinner, fixes the broken toys, and does the most […]

Random Mid-Week Warm & Fuzzy Mom Stuff

“The days are long, but the years are short.” – Susie Johnson This quote was a caption from a picture a friend of ours posted last Summer. The picture was of her snuggling with her sleepy 3 year old son just 9 days before they were in a tragic car accident that took their 6 […]

And so it begins…

I haven’t made any posts in the past 2 weeks, because I got hit by sickness!! 3 TIMES!!! First, I got slapped with a gross cold, then I got smacked with Bronchitis from it, and then I got knocked down with the stinking stomach flu!!! It was horrible! I was so angry about spending the […]