12 Week, and Interviewing my Children.

My husband and I have a pretty close friendship. We talk about each other’s days, share our feelings of anger, frustration, and delight. We joke about the idiots we come across, and uplift each other’s spirits with biblical wisdom and inappropriate, yet somehow totally necessary ┬áhumor. There is a time for each of these things […]

11 Weeks And a “2-weeks notice”

SO, as you can probably guess from my heading, I QUIT!!!! There are a few reasons that ultimately led to my decision. First, the man that hired me asked if the pay would work for me. I told him I thought so, but I’d let him know once I figured out child care for sure. […]


Here goes my madness… So, I needed to get the oil changed on the car, and I also needed to grocery shop. I got home at 3:30pm, and by the time I made Cole go to the bathroom, then Idan, then he pooped as soon as I got him into the car, so I had […]