19 weeks and new floors

You know what’s a funny word? Hello. If you stare at it long enough, it really looks weird. I mean, who came up with that? Hello. And someone obviously said it back to that person to. I imagine their conversation went something like this: “hello.” “…..hello?” “hello.” “hmm…hello.” And then they both smiled. It has […]

18 Weeks and a DIY shirt design

So this week, I got the flu, and it’ve been sucky. The good thing is that we’re another week down! Yay! I have no deep thoughts, funny quips, our poop stories to tell, because I mostly just cuddled with my boys, watched movies, and sipped on liquid mucinex. So, onto my activity, shall we? This […]

17 weeks and D-Day

D Day Eve 10am: Just received a phone call from my husband. The time has been pushed up to 11am instead of 3:30pm. We have from 8am til 11am to be at the reception together. I had a good groove going with laundry and packing while Chandler and Cole were over at the Company getting […]

16 weeks….

I’m trying to just focus on slow, deep breaths right now. We’ve had awesome family time here in Texas. We rushed around like crazy to buy the new ASU’s and all of the ribbons, racks, and medals that go with it because I misread a text and left his uniform at home. Unless you are […]