27 weeks & Mod Podge Heels

     Most of my days and nights are spent with my kids and our dog, and communication with my husband has been pretty scarce lately. I haven’t been able to tell him any of the little stuff…or big stuff either, actually. I understand that his job is pretty important, and I’m sure he’s missing […]

24 Weeks and the “Ultimate Walk of Shame”

This week has been a week of clarity. I feel like I’ve had a little time to breath, some time to relax, and zero time to fold laundry. It’s okay though, I’ve become an expert digger of the clean laundry pile in front of the dryer. Idan and I had a lot of one-on-one time, […]

22 weeks and a jar of Mayonnaise

I took a break for a while to coast on into the next phase of deployment, which is to revisit familiarity. I packed up the boys and headed south to Florida to see my family and my husband’s family. My house was in disarray from the flooring project, a lot of my friends were out […]