43 Weeks and a Detox Bath

   So, I went to the Fall Carnival at church, expecting to just play some games with the kids, watch them bounce around in the bounce house, and eat some BBQ chicken. We did all of those things, and the boys had such a blast, but then it happened. I was scooping up some of […]

41 Weeks and Mud Butt?

How to successfully complete a 5K Mud Run (notice I didn’t say “win”) The Day Before Race-Day Plan ahead. Eat light and healthy meals to avoid any …issues during your race. Pick out your outfit, as well as your backup outfit (underoos included). Clip your toenails! Or you will end up with the worst cuts […]

40 Weeks Nutella, anyone?

       My husband and I often tell a joke about how we “almost got divorced over a poker game.” It sounds silly now, and when we talk about it, we both laugh so hard. But, there was a time when the sight of a deck of cards would throw us into a full-on […]