66 weeks and Hugs

I hugged the Campaigners girls after Bible study ended, telling them to be careful and making sure to squeeze through each hug. Some people are “huggers”. Totally familiar with the gesture. Others hold their bodies back slightly, receiving in the slightest, but only to appease their huggee. For both types, I am always certain to […]

63 weeks and Date Night

A girlfriend made a post on Facebook this week about how she was insulted by a nosey shopper at the grocery store. Of course, in the moment, the shock of this man’s lack of tact left her without a good comeback during the appropriate comeback window of opportunity. However, she did think of a great […]

62 Weeks and Homemade Peanut Butter

There are some wives out there who “wear” their husbands’ rank. They march around, as if they themselves are also enlisted. These women act tough, bark orders, and study AR’s and FM’s just for the purpose of looking like they know it all. This type of living is not for me. I don’t claim military […]

61 Weeks and R&R

Hello Blog, I’ve missed you these past few weeks, but all for a good reason. Y’all, my man was home! I spent weeks upon weeks imagining the moment when I would wrap my arms around him again, and the day finally came. There are things that most military wives don’t like to share with the […]