The Rewind Continued…

I had never believed in an attention disorder diagnosis for little boys Idan’s age. I always called it “Five-year-old boy syndrome” instead. All little boys get antsy and would rather jump off of a desk five-million times rather than color inside the lines, right? I thought this, and then I found myself researching it. ADHD […]

Rewind to the Aha Moment

I’ve clipped coupons, sorted through the sale ads, and made grocery lists for three different stores. I’ve played sudoku, browsed my social media, and started a new devotional, and I still have forty-five minutes before the school bell rings. I arrived at the front of the car line just after lunch time, two hours before […]

WordPress Official (because Facebook Official is so overrated)

These past few months have been challenging my family in a whole new way. I have been spending a lot of time thinking, worrying, praying, researching, talking, meditating, adapting, ignoring, learning, growing, trying, failing, crying, and staring…I spend a lot of time staring. When it looks like I’m just staring, it’s usually because my brain […]