That was So Mean! – How to handle “Haters.” 

Over the past few months, God has done a work on my heart and my mouth. Somehow, with His glorious and miracle-working hands, He has reached down and shut my mouth in situations where I would normally open it wide and give people my fiddy cents. He’s taught me to process and contemplate what others […]

So, this is my life…

When I was a teenager, I used to play the piano, sing, and write songs. I had a plan for my adult life. I was going to go to NYU, major in music composition, and then sell songs to famous artists. I never wanted to be famous, but I did imagine a certain amount of […]

It started with an Apple…

      This post has been a long time coming, but I think I’ve been waiting for the dust of the New Year’s Resolutions to settle. I want people to know that the way we view food in our home is not a diet, nor is it a phase. This is our conviction-all of us-even […]

December Daisy

        My kids are homeschooled, so we like to get them out in the big, wide world whenever time permits so that they can socialize with other kids. Homeschooling has given our family so many opportunities that a traditional school’s schedule would never be able to permit. We get to explore our city […]

Few things make me panic these days.  After going through the medical fiasco that I did earlier this year plus the autism journey with our youngest, it’s like the Lord built up this super resilience inside of me. I became this unshakable mountain-ready to be used by God in massive ways. People have said that […]

I lost Hope today….

It’s a bizarre feeling when it actually happens too. I mean, I usually consider myself a silver lining kind of person. So much so, that it tends to make people sick of me at times. But, because I’m a people pleaser, I quickly counter act my over-aggressive positivity with a touch of wit. It has […]

Eaters Gonna Eat

I’ve always loved cooking. I wasn’t always good at it, but everyone starts somewhere, right? My cabinets are loaded with all kinds of spices, herbs, oils, beans, and flours. My family will look around and think that we have absolutely nothing to eat in the house, and in just a short amount of time, I […]